22. Dec, 2015

Calm at Christmas

You could be putting yourself under unnecessary pressure. As parents and grandparents we want to make Christmas magical for our children so it can be useful to check in with them to ask what they most enjoy about Christmas. Yes, they’ll enjoy receiving presents and going to special events but you might discover that some of their fondest memories are those that involve spending time with you.

Whilst there’s no getting away from the fact that the holiday season is very busy you could be feeling worse due to overwhelm. It can help to get the swirl of plans and to-do lists out of your head and down on paper. Are you thinking, 'but I don’t have time'? Almost always this will save you time in the long run and when you know what you’re dealing with you can get things done, get them off your list and get on with having fun.

Have you breathed today? Hopefully the answer is yes, but what I’m really talking about is taking a few moments to breathe slowly and purposefully. I know how busy you are, I get that way too, so I’m not asking you to go to a yoga class or take time out to meditate (though these are brilliant ways to relax and recharge). Try breathing in and out slowly for five breaths and notice the effect it has on your body. It will help to calm your nervous system and send oxygen to your brain and body which are going to help you stay calmer.

Singing to Christmas carols or other Christmas tunes has a positive effect on wellbeing – it’s impossible to feel down while singing ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree’ so put on some tunes and sing along to get those feel good chemicals flowing round your brain and body.