16. Jan, 2016

Cheap entertainment for kids after Christmas

Even with a budget, Christmas spending can still affect the spending of January. 

We are a family of 5 with a 4year old, 6year old and 7year old and we have become quite frugal with spending - it was easier when the youngest two got in places for FREE for the under 5s but now its becoming more difficult.

Last week we took a drive across to the beach (Talacre, North Wales) all drinks and food packed, wellies and hats packed, some plastic toys instead of buckets and spades packed - just a few quid in petrol and off we went ! It was amazing the imagination of the children and what games and activites they decided to do. We've been to the beach regularly in the Summer but never in Winter, I did think "Are we mad?" But what an amazing afternoon it was - See the photo of what the children chose to do - their imagination and creativity - all three worked together taking account of each others ideas - the later a somewhat rareity !!!

This week we got some seed (65p) for the ducks and went to Brereton Country Park. The circular path is about a mile and surfaced paths made a lovely walk around the lake. All those we met on our walk said hello to the children and gave us a warm feeling on what was a chilly afternoon. You may walk past these same people on a street or shop but the everyday rush and things to do creates a very quiet world for children and for us, with no-one speaking to anyone anymore. The youngest went on a hunt through the trees for a stick man he found a tree that looked like a two headed dragon asked to be lifted up and had a ride, they found branches that had been made into a den playing hide and seek, also found on our walk was a tree fallen which became a plank for them to walk across being pirates.

How much fun we as parents have had seeing them going off and being so imaginative - you wonder about those days that you spend lots of money on - yes they are beneficial - but surely there's not much that can top a FREE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE !