27. Jan, 2016

January Blues

We can look forward to the Spring colours, the Summer day trips or holidays and hope for warm Autumn days.

But we can spend most of Winter, particularly January, indoors thinking it's just too cold, sky isn't blue enough it'll probably rain and putting restraints on what we could do! We can spend most of the time inside temperature controlled rooms, with some work places not even having windows in the space your are in.

It doesn't matter whether you work full-time, part-time or a stay at home Mum, we each need time to relax, calm the nerves and stresses.

Being outdoors can benefit our wellbeing not just physically, but also mentally in many ways. Even a short walk can release serotonin in our body - a contributor to the regulation of our mood, appetite, sleep, learning and memory. 

With this in mind last weekend, I decided to take the children outdoors; I am naturally one of those people in Winter I've just described; I find it easier to push myself out of my comfort when I have the children too, particularly as they love the outdoors!

After a short drive to a Country Park, the children in wellies, outside we went and after a few minutes I noticed I felt different - more relaxed, less stressed and was amazed at the sights and sounds around us. We could hear the birds tweeting, the wind blowing the trees, the water flowing and, we could still see the Autumn colours to the leaves and Winter coloured flowers.

The children took over the walk keen to explore the woodland, we climbed a hill, they jumped in muddy puddles, we went up and down many steps, we went to feed the ducks some seed, we found a "waterfall" and went for a shallow paddle!

Oh what a fun and happy time we had outdoors !!