6. Feb, 2016

Perception of Parenting !

Let's not compare our realities to someone elses

perception on social media

There have been many things recently going viral, one about showing your best reasons for being a parent. You get to see all the posts of - photos abroad - expensive places - perfect smiley family images - and so much more that make you think how amazing their children are (you think mine aren't like that) and how perfect the parents are (you believe you should be like them).

Instead of thinking to yourself abut how your children should be amazing like theirs and how you should be perfect like them ...... the photos you see on their facebook posts will only be a few of what they take and, then the very very very best get chosen to post. Their reality is all the ones they don't use and won't post !!

Be proud of yourself and all that you do, you really don't need social media to make you question yourself.

Be proud of you.