14. Feb, 2016

Make Time for YOU

Why do we think there's not enough time for ME

or feel guilty for thinking that we should take time?

I'm not a Mum who regularly goes out, but this week I've been out a couple of evenings in a row!! Although the first was a school meeting so maybe I could discount that.

The next evening I went out, it was after the children's bedtime, that made things a little easier to leave the house and to leave my husband to "babysit". In fact you probably find as soon as I left he put some goory dvd on - which would not have gone on if it was us two sat watching the television - so really I've benefited from going out as I meet my friends for drinks, also he's benefited from me going out as he sits watching his dvd he's been wanting to watch for ages. The children are in bed so they know no difference. I made the time for me and it was worth it, WHAT A LAUGH I had.

It's really easy to fall into the Motherhood trap of somewhat losing your own identity and self-image. Family start referring to you as "Mummy" your partner and people you meet may too when you go out with the children. Let's not forget the children whom you've been eager for them to say Mummy from the moment they said Dada that now, say MUMMY MUMMY MUMMY MUMMY to get your attention. You seem to have lost your NAME along the way of Motherhood !

Making time for ourselves; as we are still an individual, we do still have a first name; is important to us and our family. Making the time to read a few pages of a familiar book, or listen to some favourite songs, or soak in a warm bath, or even look to go out for an evening with friends that are also Mummies - then you all get to make time together!

Make Time for YOU - YOU Deserve it !