21. Feb, 2016

Motherhood Guilt Trip !

Why, on those ordinary days where I don’t focus on the good and, instead I see everything that went wrong, do I then feel terribly guilty ?

There's good and not-so good in each day, which somewhat seems heightened for School Holidays !

The pressure that comes with taking time away from work to spend entertaining the children, seems managable at the start of the holiday and the enjoyment that the next day will bring.

All the way to the last few days when all that seems to happen is everything goes wrong and a count down to when they go back to school has started.

Instead of being hard on ourselves and feeling guilty, shouldn't we focus on all that we've done the previous days ?

Motherhood can become consumed with guilt if we let it - being guilty for anything and everything !!

Remember all the things - you have done, opportunities you have provided, places you went, together or to take the children to. Worrying about being a good mum means you are already a good one as you are thinking of them.

Congratulate yourself for your journey !