23. Mar, 2016

Ohh it's School Dress Up Day!

One of the highest stress moments for a parent is a letter home saying that the school is having a Dress Up Day. The ones I'm talking about are not the ones for charity or raising money for anything, all those extra ones for theme days or topics !

My children's school seems to have one every half term! Dress Up Days previously have included Spanish, Kings & Queens, Victorian, Pirates, Japanese, Superheroes, and many more I simply can't recall.

Most fit in with classroom themes or topics; which I understand extends children's learning; but wouldn't the best thing for the school to do is have a stock of some items, like how Preschool have items for Dress up? 

Putting pressure on parents to source, make or buy such items when family finances are budgeted and time is limited and the feelings of competition with other parenths comes into these days too. As some order very expensive and elaborate items for their child to wear whilst others struggle with the anxieties and worries of what their child could wear and what others will think.

When most schools have strict policies on non-designer or labelled trainers for PE, shoes for school, why do they encourage these Dress Up Days?

My solution and I hope it will benefit many more .... is asking the parents I know in higher school years for the dress up items they sourced the previous year for their child. If you don't know parents with children in the higher years, then enquire at school reception or with class teacher. A Dress Up Costume is only worn once by one child for one day does seem silly, this is now openly used by many and items are passed through the years!