4. Apr, 2016

You can get what YOU want too.

Following on from my previous blog "Being a Mother doesn't define YOU" here is "you can get what YOU want too".

I mean things for you, not material things to own....

Becoming a Mother the belief is "put the child first" but really if we don't take care of our own needs too how can we really take care of others? A strange question to ask yourself, it seems wrong, I'm not saying whose needs should be put first - more the fact that our own needs as a woman should be seen.

This question (when you really think about it) may seem strange too. Mother says: "can you babysit the children so I can ........... because ............?" to Partner/Family member. Why is it that a Mother feels the need to explain what she wants to do and give reasons, almost got to justify her time away from the children?! When the Parrtner simply says something like "I'm off out see you later".

Being a Mother doesn't define you as a Woman, there is still space and time for your needs to be met too. It is hard for some, me particularly, to schedule in some time amongst all the other family plans and daily duties. 

I've decided it's not too late to have a New Start, bit like New Year plans! I'm not one for making resolutions as the pressure of keeping them can make for more stress than was there anyhow. However, my new start is some simple aims for myself, for my needs not others just me.

  1. I have just signed myself up for Functional Skills English (Adult Learning) to boast my English as my GCSE was 18 years ago.
  2. I am going to look for a new hobby.
  3. I will start running in the eveniings (when light nights arrive as it will be an 8pm run)
  4. I am sure as time goes on I can think of another one and strive for that too.

 Hope this goes some way to support and inspire others.