10. Apr, 2016

Motherwell WELLBEING Crewe & Winsford

One of the main things I’ve learned for myself and been able to share is that having regular treatments does a number of things for us. We have less stress or when we are stressed we can de-stress more quickly. Aches and pains don’t last as long and when you know you’re going to have a massage in a couple of weeks it somehow doesn’t feel as bad.

I started running WellBeing Days 6 years ago in April 2010. I had been to a similar event as a therapist delivering treatments and quickly realised that this is a brilliant idea and every community, town or city needs an event like this.

It is a great opportunity to experience alternative and holistic treatments at an affordable price. It’s a bit like a pop up clinic. Over these 6 years I have met hundreds of people at these events. Some have become regulars and still come each month for their treatments while others come more infrequently or when their back is playing up or their stress levels rise.

At Warrington, which is the longest running event, we now have people who are booked in every month at the same time, they value their slot and know that it makes a difference to their wellbeing. One lady who has a very stressful job says that if she couldn’t come for her 2 hour slot every month she knows she would find it difficult to cope at work.

My mission with WellBeing Days is to introduce as many people as possible to massages, reflexology, reiki and a whole host of other treatments. Unless you try something you will never know if you like it. Massages and looking after ourselves isn’t just for the well off or celebrities. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money for you to feel the benefit. Even having a 30 minute treatment once a month on a regular basis will help you to feel better. Whether you are stressed or have tight muscles or a sore neck or back, completely relaxing while someone works on you will definitely make a difference.

If just one person comes to each event and tries something they’ve never had before that’s reat for me. If they love it and come back again, that’s even better. Once our bodies have experienced such a treatment they don’t forget and when we get on a massage bed the next time we may relax more quickly and enjoy it even more.

Working with Motherwell over the last 12 months has taught me a lot and one of the major things I have been shown is the importance of helping clients to relax physically before beginning to do any deeper work with them. If stress levels are still high and the person is still on full alert or hypervigilant, the effects of any psychological work will probably not be as long lasting as work carried out on a person with reduced stress levels. Gentle massage, reflexology or reiki are great ways of bringing about physical relaxation and basically telling the body that it’s safe to switch off and relax.

Stressed people are unable to think clearly and make informed choices. Relaxation not only helps the body to feel better but it allows the brain to function better with more clarity and it may be possible to make better choices as a result. A win-win all round.

For information about current WellBeing Days or if you’d like one for your group or come to your community, please contact me at info@wellbeingday.com