25. Apr, 2016

Perception of Parenting - OUT & ABOUT

Let's not compare our realities to the perception of parenting! I have 3 children, 1st is quiet & calm, 2nd quiet & rough, 3rd loud & wild. When I'm out with just the youngest and he chooses to have a wild moment, I really do wish he's more like any other child !

All 3 children have been brought up with the same parenting methods, experiences, learning, toys, routines and rules. 

There are many places out & about that can bring worry about what other people may think; shop, bank, park, cafe, library, school gate, walking down the street, visiting friends and going for playdates at child's friend's house.....the list could go on...

I could wish that my eldest is more talkative, the second eldest is more friendly and the youngest is more calm, but this would only fit what others need and expect to fit the "norms" of being a good child.

Each of my children are unique, they have their own personalities, likes, dislikes, temperaments, skills and abilites. I love each of them just the way they are -

The eldest being quiet & calm will help her as she gets older, I see it will enable her to see the situation before deciding to join in, being able to express her disinterest in wrong situations calmly.

The second eldest being quiet & rough will help him as he gets older, I see it will enable him to be connected with many others and also to be assertive in certain situations.

The youngest being loud & wild will help him as he gets older, I see it will enable him to a motivator and leader, a forward-thinker not a follower and be able to voice his own ideas.

Myself - I know that I am parenting each one of my children with the same routine and rules, morals and beliefs, and parenting fairly (unlike equally, what works for one may not work for another as the way they respond differs with their personality).

Please never judge a parent by their child's behaviour in public.

Please never question your parenting when your child shows unexpected behaviour in public.