4. May, 2016

Mental Health & baby 2 - Part One

I had Postnatal Depression (PND) with my first-born, but that didn’t stop me from planning baby number two. I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have had time off work during this pregnancy due to increased anxiety as part of my PND.

To reverse my story back to June 2012, I was signed off work due to carpal tunnel whilst I was pregnant with my daughter. I got my daughters nursery all ready and got to my due date with no surges and no sign of my daughter arriving soon. I didn't have great care in the community and rarely met the same person.  Pregnancy measurements kept being different and I kept being sent for scans.

As time ticked by, reality kicked in and I realised I wasn't going to get much support from family. They only live around an hour away but with little visits I knew me and my hubby were in this alone.

I had sweep and nothing and eventually booked into hospital for an induction. I was looking forward to becoming a mum.

I was lonely as I couldn’t drive far and spent a lot of time at home alone which is when my depression started. I didn't know this as the time though, until a year later.

I will leave that stage of my journey for the next blog.