8. May, 2016


Motherwell and Body Positive run a LGBT families group. A FAMILY is parent(s) and child(ren) united together by love and commitment.

The group offers support and a calendar of events throughout the year, it is open to those with children and those looking to have a family.


TESTIMONIAL:- "I have found the group very useful as I get to talk to others in the same position as me. The group is very supportive and friendly, a good way to show the children that they are not alone and for them to make friends to support each other. I feel it will suit other lgbt families."


Our hope for the future of the group is that all local lgbt families and prospective families will come along too, to support each other, share stories and experiences. 

Although society has moved on and is now more accepting of all minority groups including lgbt there is still a small amount of prejudice.

We provide a safe, very friendly group that meets monthly, based in and around Crewe, Cheshire. The events coming soon are; Good Time Charlies in May, Delamere Forest in June, Polar Palace in July, Chester Zoo in August.

We welcome all to come along and join in the fun! For more details please see our email address on the "contact us" page of the Motherwell Blog.

Motherwell HQ