23. Jun, 2016

Motherwell HQ

Motherwell is a team who inspires mothers to sparkle and shine.

My passion has always been working with mums that have no support, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be a parent and feeling isolated. I have always been truly grateful that I had great family support around me, and this has enabled me to do what I do.

This month we launch our MUM (Mum Uniting Mums) project, where we will be able to offer FREE counselling to mums who are suffering from Post Natal Depression / high anxiety. 

We also have a 6 week therapeutic programme that will be delivered in both Crewe and Winsford.  This course is for new mums who have found Motherhood overwhelming.  I will facilitate the Crewe group and my colleague Angelita will facilaite the Winsford Course, this will be a completely safe group where we want every participant to be as open as they feel comfortable with.

We are continuing with our wellbeing days in Winsford and Crewe and are planning one in Nantwich more will be revealed next month.

Another project starting this month that I will be leading on is the Rise and Shine Challenge, this is a challenge for mums to complete in both crewe and Winsford. It will be 6 week buggy fit, 6 week yoga with baby, then the same again!! We are lucky to have Crewe Alex's ladies team supporting us with this.

My mission has always been is to provide all mums with the opportunity to help improve their mental health no matter what their financial circumstance is, with what we have on offer now within Motherwell i would say we are achieving it!

As ever thanks to everyone that supports us and me to make the dream possible. 

Kate xx