11. Jul, 2016

Being a Mother is working

A little while ago, I chose to be a SAHM (stay at home mum), I've always worked and returned after each maternity leave. I have THREE children that are very close in age, 3 and a half years between the eldest and youngest ! 

I'm not one for the term "full-time mum" as I believe we are all working mothers no matter if you are employed part-time or full-time or not employed.

I'm sharing with you a question I had asked of me;

" I work full-time and have children, you don't, so what do you do that's different to me, as I have the same things like the housework, shopping and stuff, do you clean and play all day? "

I thought to myself, I really wasn't very comfortable with this questionning and it had made me feel awkward. I had started to think if there was going to be a right or wrong answer, if this person was going to judge my response as well as my life choices.

As I began to speak, the person injected they do that too but in those hours at home not the 40 at work. I really began to feel I wasn't being listened to and very disheartened about my life. Then I took a moment and spoke calmy. I expressed light-heartedly and with a giggle that, if I took the children out to a playcentre for 40 hours each week the house would get messed up 15 times less each day. This was agreed.

Being a SAHM doesn’t mean a choice has been made to put the children first, it means a mother has chose what will work for the family. Likewise, a mother whom is employed full-time is not only interested in their career, it means a mother has chose what will work for the family. Each mother makes many tough decisions and some sacrifices of their own. Yet, I don’t hear a "working mother" being asked what they do all day.

Being a Mother is WORK !!

It is a 24 hour job, where weeknends and bank holidays are still a working day. It is unpaid with no job progression and your clients have changeable moods. It comes with no training program and rarely do you have a colleague.

Work as a mum is being ....... carer - educator - negotiator - events planner - entertainer - banker - first aider - risk assessor - safety manager - entertainer - search & rescue for precious toy - equipment engineer - taxi driver - counsellor - motivator - crisis management - shopper - fridge & shelf stacker - cook & waitress - cleaner - 

All you Mothers are doing an amazing JOB !