28. Jul, 2016

Supporting mothers through the summer holidays 1

Tip One: How breathing can help you get through the summer holidays.

So, the kids are off for six long weeks. Does that fill you with dread or are you looking forward to spending more time with them? Don’t know what you’re going to do, where to take them, how to afford it? I’m sure you will have at least a couple more of your own to add. I don’t have the answers for all of these questions but I can help you to feel calmer, less stressed and more able to cope with the summer holidays.

I’m going to share a few tips to help reduce your stress levels for the next 6 weeks and beyond. Whether you’re dreading the summer or looking forward to it, there may be times when you will feel under stress.


First tip is to breathe!! Just keep breathing. That is kind of essential but we can also use our breath to help us in other ways. If you’re into yoga or meditation you may have used your breath to help you get into poses and stay there or to help with meditation. Yes, breathing is really important.

Shift your attention to your heart or the centre of your chest.

Slow your breath down to a count of 5 if you can or what feels comfortable for you.

Breathe in for 5 and out for 5.

Repeat this a few more times and notice how you feel.

You can intensify this feeling by thinking of something or someone you love while breathing into your heart or a time when you were truly relaxed and calm.


This heart breathing or, to give it its proper title, the Quick Coherence Technique, was developed by the Heartmath Institute and is a quick and easy way to calm your entire body in about a minute. You may feel more energised and have more mental clarity. By focussing on your heart while breathing your brain and nervous system are brought into sync.
The first couple of times you do this you may have to really concentrate on breathing in and out of your but once you are used to it you should be able to do it more easily and feel the benefit even more quickly. Get the kids to try it too when they are frustrated or upset or even tired. Watch them relax or even fall asleep.

Oh and don’t wait until you’re mega stressed to try this out. Take a minute for yourself and try it now and notice how you feel. Let me know how you get on.

For more information on the Quick Coherence Technique go to http://www.heartmath.com/quick-coherence-technique/

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