28. Jul, 2016

Supporting mothers through the summer holidays 2

Tip Two: How drinking can help you get through the summer holidays.

The second part of my tips for surviving the summer holidays is to keep hydrated. Very few of us drink enough water every day and that includes me. As a therapist I definitely should know better but sometimes just don’t drink enough either.

On average we should drink at 8 glasses of water each day. Ideally start the day with a glass of water or warm water with a slice of lemon. This will wake up your system gently. Having tea or coffee first thing can be a shock to the kidneys especially if you’re awake earlier than you’d like with little ones who are up with the birds.

Your body should be 80% water – that’s quite a lot and if you don’t drink enough for essential body functioning, your body is forced to take it from your internal organs! Your body doesn’t make water as someone asked me recently, so you have to drink it or eat foods with a high water content i.e fruit and vegetables.

Make an effort to drink less tea and coffee, cut down or cut out fizzy drinks and increase your water intake. If you’re out of the habit of drinking water you won’t feel thirsty. Your body is very adaptable and has probably gone into “drought” mode thinking you’ve gone to live in the desert. If drinking cold or cool water doesn’t appeal to you, try replacing some of your cuppas with a cup of warm water. Trust me, your body will be so grateful. Your skin will look better, your joints will feel better and your muscles and nerve endings will be better protected with hydrated fascia and tissues. Your kidneys and intestines will be flushed more regularly and you may even lose weight as a side effect.

If your children don’t like water but prefer squash or juice, try diluting it gradually so they’re having more water each week or try making your own infused water by adding fruit to water and chill in the fridge. Slices of lemon and lime, oranges, strawberries and raspberries are just some of the fruit you can add to water. Short on time or don’t have a jug or container then why not add pieces of fruit to bottles of water –if small bottles have sports caps then the pieces of fruit won’t get through so should be safe for little ones. Please check that this is the case.

By the end of the holidays both you and your children could be much better hydrated and healthier. Sound like a plan? Please try it and let me know how you get on and what differences you notice, if any. Have a lovely summer!!

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