7. Sep, 2016

#wellbeingmonth Blog 1: Things for you

September sees Motherwell launch their #wellbeingmonth and for the month will be looking at ways to support mothers of all ages and at all stages. From baby to teens, from teens to leaving the nest, from leaving home and beyond. 

If you were a jigsaw, motherhood would just be piece, perhaps work and relationship would be pieces too, but don't forget to take a piece for yourself !

From when a woman gains the title Mother they retain that for their life. Being a mother is a life-long job and to the spouse a mother can be the font of experience, knowledge and support, and someone to go to with worries or for support.

The title says things for you, by that I do not mean material things to own, more personal things to do. It is important for each person's complete well-being that things are done just for self. Also it is important each mother is able to look at their own well-being, and see what they can do for themselves or what they can seek by asking others.

A mother may feel they are needed less when their child - goes to school - becomes a teenager - leaves home - becomes a parent themselves. For many this expectation isn't the reality,  holding the mother title and responsibilities can be exhausting, stressful, worry full and more! Also it can become time consuming as even when child/spouse is not with you, the mind can be consumed with thoughts about her/him,/them.

Becoming a Mother the belief is "put the child first" but really if we don't take care of our own needs too how can we really take care of others? A strange question to ask yourself, it seems wrong, I'm not saying whose needs should be put first - more the fact that our own needs as a woman should be seen.

Being a Mother doesn't define you as a Woman, there is still space and time for your needs to be met too. It is hard for some, me particularly, to schedule in some time amongst all the other family plans and daily duties. 

I've decided it's not too late to have a New Start!

  1. I have just signed myself up for an online course.
  2. I aim to arrange meeting my friends more regularly and not talk about children.
  3. I am going to look for a new hobby.
  4. I will start running in the eveniings.
  5. I am sure as time goes on I can think of another one and strive for that too.

 Hope this goes some way to support and inspire others.