7. May, 2017

This Mum Can SHINE

 #thismumcanshine campaign

Next week in partnership with South Cheshire College and Mid Cheshire College, we are starting photoshoots for our #thismumcanshine campaign. 

The photoshoot is for a calendar to raise funds for Motherwell. Each month there will be a group of mums that we support, such as teen mums, LGBT mums, alternative mums, natural mums etc etc.  It will also have a page of the fab Motherwell team and also Motherwell Mums!

But the most important part of the photo shoot is to start our #thismumcanshine campaign.

There are 2 strands to this campaign.  I really want to show that mums can come from all lifestyles and have different approaches to parenting, but this doesn’t make any one approach better than another. I love the fact that each individual is unique and how a mum decides to bring up her family is no business of anyone else.

The second part of this campaign is to inspire and empower.  A lot of Motherwell’s work is working with mums with mental health issues, many suffering from low self-esteem and self-worth since becoming a mum.  The campaign will show how some of our mums have been able to get through the difficult times and gone on to achieve as a parent and have thriving children.

My key message I want to get across is don’t judge others, we are all unique.

A key message that I use a lot with Motherwell is “when women support each other great things happen”

I see this daily.  The groups that we run at Motherwell have women from all walks of life with their own story to bring, but every time I am humbled by how they all want to support each other and all want each other to move on in their lives.

I can’t finish this blog without mentioning my team, Motherwell manages to support so many mums due to a team of dedicated volunteers all who want to support other mums, as the whole team know the difficulties that local mums face.

I hope many of you take part in our campaign and most importantly I hope you are all inspired to shine #thismumcanshine